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Obligations of Retailers

The retailer is obliged to inform the consumer on the requirement not to discard electrical equipment together with mixed municipal waste but to turn it in at take-back points or at the places specified by a municipality by-law. However, the retailer is obliged to ensure that, purchasing electrical equipment, the consumer can turn in an old electrical appliance at the place of sale or delivery (i.e. the territory of the municipality or the city district where the retail outlet is located) of the new electrical equipment in equal number of pieces of similar type and purpose.

Anyone who sells any electrical equipment within his business activities from producers who are not included in the List of Producers at the Ministry of Environment is responsible for fulfilling the producer’s obligations under the law (Act no. 185/2001 Coll., on waste, as amended).

If the producer shows the recycling fee separately, the retailer is obliged to do the same.